Act Against More Radwaste Oct. 28

The NRC was ordered by federal court to issue no more licenses or relicenses for nuclear reactors because only the industry has confidence in the NRC’s “waste CONfidence rule”.  This ‘rule’ refers to the regulator’s confidence that nuclear waste can be safely stored and isolated from the environment for the hundreds of thousands of years necessary to avoid severe disruption of the biosphere.

After 7 decades of taxpayer subsidies, the federal government and the industry still have no idea how to deal with radwaste, and no other country has an unblemished record for safe storage.

In the Fall of 2013, the agency will hold 12 public meetings around the country to explain and receive comment on its Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement (DGEIS) as part of the process of replacing its “waste confidence” rule, with the intention of resuming licensing during 2014.

Attend the only meeting in New England at Chelmsford, MA, Oct. 28 and tell the industry what you think of their desire to continue the most hazardous substances known to mankind.

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