Action to Shut Down Pilgrim – please join

The Down Cape Downwinders are looking for signatories to a

full-page ad in the Cape Cod Times demanding: “CLOSE PILGRIM NOW”

(in very big letters across the top).

Will you join the honor roll of hundreds standing up to demand the end of this shadow on our lives? The ad costs about $4000. We ask that you send a check for $10 for one name or $15 for two names on one line, to share the cost. Make checks payable to “Down Cape Downwinders” and mail to Susan Smith, Box 98, Wellfleet, MA 02667. Please make clear how you want your name to appear and the town you live in as we’d like to include that with each signatory. Please enclose your return address so we can return your check if for some reason the ad doesn’t happen. (Additional contributions to our ongoing efforts would be much appreciated.)

The following is what will go above our names:


* Cape Cod is usually downwind from Pilgrim and therefore in the path of radiation in the event of a meltdown.

* There is no escape from the Cape. In 41 years of its operation those responsible have not been able to come up with an evacuation route and none is conceivable.

* As the Fukushima tragedy makes clear, in the event of an an accident with our own aging version of the same sort of reactor, we would suffer the short-term and lingering effects of radiation exposure. Our Cape Cod home would become uninhabitable into the foreseeable future.

* Five U.S. nuclear plants have already been shut down in 2013. Both San Onofre (CA) and Vermont Yankee, another plant owned by Entergy, the owners of Pilgrim, were closed by its corporate owners because required safety measures proved unprofitable.

* Plagued by problems requiring numerous shutdowns and slowdowns in the past year, Pilgrim is on short lists of the nation’s most unreliable and most financially problematic plants, and most vulnerable to terrorist attack.

* The power the Commonwealth gets from Pilgrim is not needed. During the numerous shutdowns and slowdowns the power comes from elsewhere. The state is committed to producing more than the 13% it currently gets from Pilgrim from other, greener sources.

To continue to expose Cape Cod to the escalating risks of this aging, failing nuclear power plant directly upwind of us is irrational, irresponsible, and intolerable. For the sake of our children, our livelihoods, our lives, the future of our Cape Cod home,


Thank you on behalf of all Cape Cod inhabitants and the land and sea on which we dwell… and best wishes for the holidays and for a safe and nuclear threat free new year.

Reach the Down Cape Downwinders at

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