On the 20th of May, 2012, a group of approximately fifty people gathered at the Powerhouse Road entrance to the Entergy Corporation owned Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth, MA, where Powerhouse Road intersects with Route 3A as it wends it’s way south more or less along the shoreline of Cape Cod Bay from Plymouth, Massachusetts to the Sagamore Bridge – one of only two land bridges onto and off of Cape Cod, with its two hundred thousand year round residents, and five times that number of residents in summer.

You can sense and smell Cape Cod Bay from the entrance to the Nuclear Power Plant, which is currently leaking measurable radiation into the Bay.  The whales and dolphins who visit and reproduce in the Bay are impacted by the radiation.  So too kids playing in the shallow waters of the Bay.  There is no safe way off Cape in case of a nuclear emergency.

On this particular May Sunday fourteen of the visitors to the Powerhouse Road entrance to the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant were arrested  – the Pilgrim 14.  Their arrest was instigated on instructions handed down to the local Plymouth Police Department by Entergy Corp., which asserts it owns Powerhouse Road, that Powerhouse is a private road with a gate and a guardhouse on the route 3A end of it, and that on this particular Sunday Entergy didn’t want visitors using Powerhouse Road, although commonly people walk and bicycle on it freely and at will.

The Plymouth Police Department Incident Report of May 20th indicates that the fifty people who had gathered at Powerhouse Road were demanding that the PNPS be shut down, that Entergy Security personnel told the people (demonstrators they are called) they would not be allowed onto Powerhouse Road, and that the group, after peacefully delivering some speeches, requested permission to deliver a letter to “someone in charge at the Power Station” given their concerns about the imminent relicensing of the plant.  See letter at  Entergy Security refused to take possession of the letter and told the members of the group they were not welcome to leave the letter.  When members of the group persisted in their demand to leave the letter fourteen were arrested.


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