Both Massachusetts Senators Call upon Entergy Corporation to Get a Real EPZ Plan

Both Massachusetts senators, Edward Markey and Elizabeth Warren, have called for Entergy Corporation to reconsider numerous “faulty assumptions” contained in their 2012 “Evacuation Time Estimate” (ETE) for the Pilgrim reactor, which “seriously call into question whether the estimated evacuation times for the EPZ are reasonable.”

The faulty assumptions identified in the August 16 letter to Entergy Corp’s CEO are:

  1. the ETE “relied on a telephone survey that did not inform participants that the questions related to a nuclear emergency”
  2. the ETE “ignores the effect of voluntary evacuations from Cape Cod, which could have the largest impact on traffic in the EPZ in a slowly developing emergency”
  3. the ETE “contains assumptions about traffic flow during inclement whather that strain credulity”
  4. the ETE “fails to account for chronically bad traffic in the region during summer weekends and special events”
  5. the ETE “assumes that parents will not attept to pick up their children from schools and that bussing (sic) will be effective”
  6. the ETE “assumes that onl 20% of those living near the reactor but outside the evacuation zone will evacuate on their own”
  7. the ETE “only accounts for non-EPZ residents who work in the EPZ for 15 employers and the schools”

The senators ask Entergy to “make a realistic estimate of the evacuation times that can guide robust emergency planning”. The senators are addressing only emergency planning within the 10-mile “Inhalation Pathway Zone” for which the NRC requires evacuation plans.

The senators have not yet called for Pilgrim station to be closed because the safety of the two to four hundred thousand people on Cape Cod cannot be assured.

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