The Defendants – by way of Introduction

The heaviness of the nuclear disaster that harms and threatens every one of the P-14 defendants and their loved ones, and much of what they hold dear is profound … if you let it in.  And while all of us let in all we can, we also spend a lot of time holding things out because we think they take too much time, and we’re in a hurry, and because we already know what you’re trying to tell us, and there’s only so much a human being can process and worry about, so yes, we know Pilgrim poses a risk, but frankly, every time I go out in my car on the highway with my kids strapped in I take my life – and theirs – in my hands, and who knows what’s in the food, or the air, and let’s say it is a big mess, what can I do, as I said, I don’t really know how, it’s not my thing, and I don’t have the time.  I’m a go along get along kind of person.  Y’know?

This is NOT your average Pilgrim 14 defendant.  You knew that.  And lord knows we can’t hide who they really are.  Look at that picture below.  These notorious grandparents, teachers, and retirees, have been engaged in non-violent protest and non-violent civil disobedience before.  They are activists!  They are people who actually want to see positive, healthful changes made in the behavior of certain corporations, certain aspects of our government, and certain practices that they believe do not serve us as humans and as creatures who share the planet with other creatures … who also deserve our respect … trees, whales, kelp, things like that.  These folks are romantics.  Don Quixote-like.  You know Don Quixote, like that, only much, much saner, rational, and focused.  This is not just a windmill the Pilgrim 14 have taken aim at, this a powerful corporation, supported by a team of highly paid lobbyists who have for the most part either figured out how to take over or to effectively end run the Nuclear Regulator Commission (NRC).


There’s a famous joke about the NRC that I think may even get in at trial, maybe more than once.   Betcha I get to ask at least three witnesses if they’ve heard the joke.  It goes like this, it’s quick.  A one liner.  Ready?  What would the Ten Commandments be called if they’d been written by the NRC?  Answer … The Ten Suggestions.

Listen, because it’s not exactly a secret, the Pilgrim 14 defendants would like to put Entergy on trial.  And they and their lawyers think the law of “competing harms,” also known as the law of “necessity,” or the necessity defense will let them do so.  And that the Court will let them do so.  Will have to let them do so.  Won’t it?  For the most part the Pilgrim 14 have been doing this sort of work for a while.  You gotta love ‘em for it.


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