Cape Downwinders Letter to NRC, FEMA, MEMA (with attachments)

On May 25, 2014, shortly after meeting with Chairwoman Allison Macfarlane, Bill Maurer and Diane Turco sent this letter on behalf of all Cape Downwinders to the NRC, FEMA and MEMA (Macfarlane suggested that they write a letter explaining their concerns).

The four page letter begins,

Cape Cod residents believe that the current emergency planning by the NRC, FEMA and MEMA for Entergy’s Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station (PNPS) in Plymouth, MA is ineffectual in the service of providing “reasonable assurance of adequate protection of public health and safety” for Cape Cod residents and visitors.

And it documents why Cape Codders believe that Pilgrim Station’s Emergency Planning provides “No Escape From The Cape”, with many documents which support these conclusions:

  1. The generic shadow evacuation assumptions grossly underestimate the Cape Cod shadow self-evacuation volume.
  2. Trapping hundreds of thousands of people in their vehicles with no protection is an unacceptable strategy that speaks to anticipated collateral damage as an acceptable outcome, by design.
  3. Essentially all of Cape Cod is at risk of becoming uninhabitable. Fukushima’s evacuation zones and uninhabitable zones should be viewed as minimal standards of anticipated reasonable evacuation zones informing the PNPS emergency planning. The NRC’s generic theoretical 10 mile EPZ boundary (one size fits all) is conspicuously simplistic and ignores Fukushima’s uninhabitable zones, created by unpredictable shifts in wind direction that pushed hazardous levels of radiation 29.4 miles from the Daiichi reactors, notably in a direction counter to the prevailing winds.

The letter respectfully requests that the NRC revoke the license and decommission Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, and includes the following attachments:
3/30/2012 Cape Cod National Seashore Advisory Committee letter to the NRC
5/7/2012 Governor Patrick letter to the NRC Chairman
6/10/2013 Cape Cod National Seashore Advisory Committee letter to Governor Patrick
8/16/2013 Senators Markey and Warren letter to Entergy on Evacuation Concerns
3/17/2014 Association to Preserve Cape Cod’s Position Statement on PNPS
3/17/2014 Governor Patrick letter to the NRC Chairwoman
4/6/2014 Barnstable County Commissioners petition to the Commonwealth and the NRC
4/18/2013 Senators Markey and Warren letter to NRC Chairwoman on Seismic Concerns
4/25/2014 Congressman Keating letter to the NRC Chairwoman

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