Waking Up the Governor – There’s No Escape from the Cape!

Wake up the Governor - March 10, Statehouse

“I’d rather we didn’t have it.” – Governor Patrick as quoted by the Statehouse News Service
On March 19th, he wrote a letter to the NRC.

Video of Cape Downwinders’ testimony intended for Governor Patrick, and the following occupation of the governor’s office that resulted in a meeting.

On March 10, one day shy of 3 years after the disaster at Fukushima, about 65 Cape Codders gathered at the Massachusetts Statehouse to provide testimony to Governor Deval Patrick, urging him to comply with the non-binding referenda passed in every Cape Town and to write the NRC urging them to close the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station. Anticipating that the governor might not be in attendance (he wasn’t), we video-taped the proceedings for him.
After about two and a half hours of heartfelt testimony, approximately 50 of us went to our governor’s office to get his response (Cape Downwinders has been trying for about 6 months to get a meeting with him). A group of Downwinders waited a few hours, during which Patrick had a meeting with Senate President Therese Murray. Shortly after that Diane Turco met briefly with the Governor and later told the Boston Globe, “He’s going to call for the NRC to shut down the reactor because public safety cannot be assured. That’s what this says and that’s what he said he would send to the NRC.”

A sampling of news reports:

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