Cape-wide Non-Binding Public Advisory Question

Building on 2012’s successful referenda, Cape Downwinders put the following question before voters in each Cape town in 2013 (it passed by a 2:1 margin):

Whereas, the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station has exceeded its 4o year design life and increasingly experiences shutdowns due to plant failures and is the same design as the reactors in Japan whose safety systems failed; and Whereas, the spent fuel rod storage pool, designed to hold 880 rods, currently holds 3300 spent fuel rods and has become a de facto unplanned and unlicensed nuclear waste repository; and Whereas, Harwich is within 35 miles of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station and is downwind 50 percent of the time; and Whereas, MEMA has determined that Cape residents and visitors will not be evacuated but plans to relocate Cape citizens after exposure to dangerous radioactive materials released in an accident; and

Whereas, the citizen of the Town of Harwich find this state response to Pilgrim’s threat to health and safety unacceptable and in violation of the public trust;

Therefore, be it resolved that we the people of Harwich respectfully request Governor Deval Patrick to call upon the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to uphold their mandate to shut the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth because the public safety, particularly Cape Cod residents and visitors, cannot be assured.

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