Dan Wolf Speaks at Action Against Pilgrim – May 19, 2013

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State Senator Dan Wolf was at the gate to Entergy’s Nuclear Reactor on Sunday, May 19th. Here’s a bit of what he said, followed by VIDEO of the Senator and a link to the full text:

The biggest question I’ve been asked here today is ‘why are you here?’ And I guess I would answer that with a question which is ‘where’s everyone else?’…

The legacy that we’re going to be leaving our children is a 60-year-old nuclear waste dump. That is not what we signed up for—it’s not the legacy we want to leave our children. So the time to speak out is now. The plant has been here for the forty-year life that it was originally given. The deal was never that we would keep all the spent fuel here. It still is all here and the next 20-years worth will all still be here if we allow it to continue.

Read the full text of Senator Wolf’s remarks: Dan Wolf’s talk at the “Rally at the Reactor” | CapeCodToday.Com.

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