Citizens put Entergy’s Pilgrim nuke on trial

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Three years after Fukushima, and approximately one year after 14 people were arrested for acts of civil resistance, 12 citizens committed to a safer, less-nuclear future for S.E. Massachusetts, are mounting a vigorous necessity defense against charges of trespass at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station.
Those daring to challenge the threat known as PNPS are: Bill Maurer, Diane Turco, Doug Long, Femke Rosenbaum, Janet Azarovitz, Joyce Johnson, Margaret Rice Moir, Mike Risch, Paul Rifkin, Sarah Thacher, and Susan Carpenter.

News of the Trial

Account by Pilgrim 14 defendant Diane Turco

Account by Pilgrim 14 defendant Margaret Rice Moir

Account of the final day of the trial by Lee Roscoe

From the Cape Cod Times:

Pilgrim nuclear plant protesters to have their day in court (pre-trial, March 17, 2014)
Pilgrim trespass suspects cite moral duty Trial begins, March 18
Expert: Cancer rates are high near Pilgrim nuke plant Trial, Day 2
Scientist testifies about danger of Pilgrim’s spent fuel rods Trial, Day 3
Downwinders convicted, say they made point Trial, Day 4

From WBUR:

12 Protesters Found Guilty Of Trespassing At Pilgrim Nuclear Day 4 (March 21st)

From Truthout:

Boston Endangered: Time To Close the Pilgrim Reactor (March 22nd)


Stephen Nathanson’s Civil Disobedience (Professor Nathanson testified for the defense on the final day of the trial)

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

Greg Johnson, the son of defendant Joyce Johnson, wrote this haiku:

My mom criminal?
For following her conscience?
Pilgrims would be proud.
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