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Other Publications

Nuclear Power And Climate: Why Nukes Can’t Save The Planet (NIRS)

Cape Downwinders Publications

  • Cape Downwinders‘No Escape’ bifold brochure 09/12/14 This handout provides information on dose reduction for sheltering in a wooden home from 2 Department of Energy labs which provide very different values. MEMA relies upon Sandia Labs (40% dose reduction in your wooden home’s basement) while Lawrence Livermore Labs estimates a 10% reduction. Does anyone wonder why MEMA chose the rosy outlook?
  • Rack Cards – simple 2-sided cards, prints 3-up on 8.5 x 11 card stock.
  • 14 reasons to Close Pilgrim – The NRC bets our lives and property on Obsolete Technology
  • 9% – odds of a Mark 1 reactor melting and breaching containment; 1/2-pg; 2 sides, 8.5 x 11 (in November of 2014, Pilgrim was 14% older than Fukushima Daiichi units 1-3 at the time they exploded).


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