Jalopy nuclear reactors can’t compete with green

Letter to the Editor printed in the Cape Cod Times August 3, 2014:

John Tudor’s July 19 letter supporting nukes ignores the realities of an industry that for decades said a commercial reactor could not explode … but has now brought us a barely contained explosion at Three Mile Island, a huge one at Chernobyl and now four more at Fukushima. The four exploded Fukushima reactors are virtually identical to those used at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station and at 22 others in the U.S.

For years the industry denied any fuel melted at TMI — until robotic cameras showed otherwise.

It still denies anyone died at TMI. But the epidemiological data show otherwise (see www.nukefree.org). A survey of 5,000 studies at Chernobyl shows more than a million deaths worldwide. At Fukushima, downwind childhood thyroid cancers and abnormalities are 40 times normal. Studies from Germany and elsewhere show heightened cancer rates among people living nearby, and significant improvements in public health when those reactors shut.

Germany is making a successful transition into renewables. Our choice has never been between fossil fuel and nuclear power. Those two industries are inseparable.

Instead our choice is between superheated/radioactive extinction, or switching to a green-powered Earth. Jalopy reactors like Pilgrim can no longer compete.

Harvey Wasserman


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