KI for Kids Campaign

Cape Downwinders Cooperative KI Index

“KI for Kids” seeks to decrease the incidence of thyroid cancer in the event of an accident at a nearby nuclear power station, to promote awareness of and support for worthy state legislation regarding nuclear energy, and to identify and increase understanding of the various risks which nuclear power poses to public health and safety.

Young children have the greatest risk by far, and thus the most to gain from Potassium Iodide (KI) stockpiling. KI is cheap (an adult dose – 24 hours protection – is 16 cents by the bottle, but as little as 5 cents in large quantities) and has at least a 5-year shelf life. Infants require just one-eighth of an adult dose, while children aged 3-12 require half the adult dose.

In the event of a serious accident at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station (Pilgrim), successful prior resolution of this project could save many children from contracting thyroid cancer and other thyroid disorders.

To help with this campaign, or to receive additional information, send email to: CapeDownwinders or call (508) 432-1744.
Cape Downwinders Cooperative KI Index

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