Mother’s Day Action to Close Pilgrim

Video by Maxine Wolfset

Four Cape Downwinders were arrested attempting to plant flowers on Entergy’s contaminated site. The pre-trial hearing is scheduled for 9 a.m., July 31st at Plymouth District Court.

  • This Motherʼs Day action was an expression of our rage against the a polluting nuclear rector and for our love for all children.
  • We have stood by and watched our water and air become polluted. The incredibly high cancer rates are accepted.
  • We are churning out more radioactive waste with no place to go but in our own backyard and into Cape Cod Bay.
  • As mothers who are now paying attention, we want this poisoning to stop.
  • We are here to put our bodies on the line with an apology that we didnʼt understand earlier about the evil that is being perpetrated on our children and generations to come. Our job is to see Pilgrim shut down and cleaned up.
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