NRC Chairman Macfarlane responds to Governor Patrick’s concerns

Following the unanimous vote whereby every Cape town called on Governor Deval Patrick to request that the NRC comply with it’s mandate to protect public health and safety by permanently closing Pilgrim station, Governor did write a letter to the NRC. In response to his stated concerns, Chairman Allison Macfarlane wrote back. Her letter included this statement, “The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has the overall authority for making protective action decisions (e.g., sheltering and evacuation) to ensure he safety of Massachusetts residents during a radiological event. In addition, the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency maintains the FEMA-approved State Radiological Emergency Plan for implementing those decisions. Therefore, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has a significant role in determining the adequacy of Pilgrim’s Emergency Preparedness program.”

Cape Downwinders sent Governor Patrick this letter responding to Chairwoman Macfarlane’s response on June 25th.

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