• A special permit is required to build a garage for your home, but not for a nuclear waste dumpsite. Plymouth's Zoning Board of Appeals ruled against residents and allowed Entergy to begin an Interim Spent Fuel Storage Installation no special permit.

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Video of Pilgrim Coalition Presentation on Plymouth’s nuclear power station; Duxbury, April, 2014

Are We Safer? Join Dr. Edwin Lyman and State Senator for the Cape and Islands, Dan Wolf in Barnstable on June 10th. (VIDEO)

Dr. Lyman, is a Senior Scientist with the Union of Concerned Scientists’ Global Security Program, and an author of the recent book, Fukushima: The Story of a Nuclear Disaster.

May 25, 2014 Cape Downwinders letter to the Nuclear Regulatory Commissioners

written by Bill Maurer and Diane Turco after their meeting with Chairwoman Allison Macfarlane (with 9 attachments).

Diane Turco on the threat from Pilgrim Nuclear – VIDEO

Living downwind of a Fukushima-style nuke with no hope of timely evacuation is unacceptable.

NRC Ranks Pilgrim #2 in U.S. for Earthquake Risk

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission ranks the Pilgrim plant in Plymouth, Mass. at #2 highest risk nationwide of nuclear core damage from an earthquake. New seismic data for Eastern states boost Pilgrim’s risk seven times higher than the previous estimate.

Scorecard – People and Groups Calling for Pilgrim Closure

All towns on the Cape and Martha’s Vineyard, State Senator Dan Wolf, Barnstable County Commissioners, and more…

Do Pilgrim’s ‘routine’ emissions contribute to the region’s high cancer rates?

Is the monitoring of those emissions adequate? Is the Department of Public Health doing all it should to protect the public?

The Association to Preserve Cape Cod calls upon public officials and regulatory agencies

…to revoke Pilgrim’s permits and to require that Pilgrim be decommissioned in the shortest time and safest manner feasible.

Cape downwinders rally at the Sagamore Bridge, May 13, 2012

Cape downwinders rally at the Sagamore Bridge, May 13, 2012

News from the March, 2014 trial of the Pilgrim 14

Civil resisters mount a vigorous necessity defense.

Cape Downwinders Wakes Up Governor Patrick

…when all 15 Cape towns voted overwhelmingly to ask our governor to send a letter to the NRC calling for the Pilgrim reactor to be closed because our safety can not be assured, he ignored the citizens of Cape Cod. A direct action effort succeeded in his writing a letter.