Pilgrim Four Grandmothers Trial – Oct. 17, 2014

Press Release Oct. 6
Press Release Oct. 21

When: October 17-22, 2014

Where: Plymouth District Courthouse,
Obery Street, Plymouth, MA

Defendants: Susan Carpenter, Mary Conathan, Sarah Thacher and Diane Turco


Dan Wolf, Massachusetts Senator for the Cape and Islands, an accomplished business leader, pilot and mechanical engineer.

Helen Caldicott is scheduled to testify – a founder of Physicians for Social Responsibility and perhaps the key player in the successful effort to end atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons, Caldicott practiced pediatrics in Australia, specializing in cystic fibrosis prior to joining the staff of Boston Children’s Hospital and teaching at Harvard Medical School in 1977. Dr. Caldicott was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and founded Women’s Action for Nuclear Disarmament. Author of numerous books, her latest is Crisis Without End, the medical and ecological consequences of the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe; she edited 19 chapters written by experts and authored the conclusion.

Dr. Richard Clapp, professor at Boston University School of Public Health and an Epidemiologist for over 40 years. Dr. Clapp also served as the Director of the Massachusetts Cancer Registry for nine years.

Dr. Joseph Gerson, a political scientist and author, was prepared to testify regarding the cumulative effect of acts of civil resistance, however his testimony was not allowed by Judge Sullivan. Dr. Gerson is the author of numerous books and articles about nuclear disarmament and nuclear safety and he received the 2010 Salem State University “Champion of the Peace Award”.

Trial Videos
Courtroom Videos by John Carlton-Foss:

Pilgrim Grandmothers 4 Trial on October 22, 2014

7 months earlier: Pilgrim 14
Nuclear Power Plant Necessity Defense

March 18, 2014 | March 19, 2014
March 20, 2014 | March 21, 2014

Other Videos

May 11, 2014: the Grandmothers
Defending their Grandchildren
Oct. 17, 2014: Helen Caldicott on
Medicine and nuclear energy

Reports of the trial

Complete coverage of the trial: Podcast (by Nuclear Hotseat)

Day 1: Judge snubs expert at Pilgrim trial by Christine Legere, Cape Cod Times

Day 2: Sen. Wolf testifies at trial of anti-nuclear activists by Christine Legere, Cape Cod Times

Day 3: Medical expert testifies in trial of Pilgrim nuke plant activists by Christine Legere, Cape Cod Times

Closing argument
by defendant Diane Turco

‘Pilgrim Pledge Book’ statement
by defendant Sarah Thacher

Click the above image for the full-sized flyer.

Click the above image for the full-sized flyer.

Great Grandmother Sarah’s statement on the Grandmothers Trial and beyond:

The Pilgrim Grandmothers have had their day in court, have begun a year on probation and are not making plans to pay off the fines that they accrued according to the Mass. legal system. It has been a learning experience and we intend to press on.

Our preliminary musings are for another Mother’s Day event. The court acknowledged last May that ‘these protests’ are becoming an annual affair and we believe that it should be… as daughters, mothers, grandmothers and most everyone on the Cape have become more aware of the growing radiological catastrophe that is contaminating our neighborhoods, our ground water, our bay and our atmosphere.

Not wanting to replicate our protests of the past we are leaning in the direction of a very large assemblage of people indicating this concern has gripped an ever growing population. Where this
should take place, what should be the format has not been decided. But what we are presently doing is gathering names of people who would like to participate in such an action. Civil disobediance will be an optional component and one way we are doing this is through these Pilgrim Pledge Books that are being distributed to churches, synagogues and other meeting halls where people can sign up by giving their name, address, phone number and email address.

Then we will be able to contact these signers and arrange meetings to organize this event. In this way we hope to mobilize a large community of ‘shut Pilgrim’ enthusiasts on Mother’s Day, May 10, 2015. For more information and/or a Pilgrim Pledge Book for your community, contact Sarah at (508) 385-2316 or benthacher@hotmail.com

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One Response to Pilgrim Four Grandmothers Trial – Oct. 17, 2014

  1. Maureen Lanan says:

    Dear Warriors,

    To strengthen your case and witness please connect climate change to the necessity defense. NASA shows Antarctic glacier melting will add 4ft to ocean depth. And methane levels in the atmosphere right now exceed the IPCC projection for the doomsday models. See artic blog spot. Artic news. That power plant is designed for an inch a year depth increase. It is a clear and present danger and you lovely people are protecting my life.