‘Rally at the Reactor’ ends happily with 10 arrests

By Frank Mand
Wicked Local Plymouth
Posted May 22, 2013

PLYMOUTH — Maybe it’s a matter of perspective. For Plymouth residents, the nuclear plant in their backyard is nothing new. But cross the Canal and the attitude changes.

Sunday’s “Rally at the Reactor” took place in Plymouth but was a production of the Falmouth-based anti-nuclear group Cape Downwinders.

And, when it was over, every one of the 10 protesters arrested that afternoon in Plymouth reside, at least part of the time, on Cape Cod.

Arrested for trespassing on Entergy property were Diane Turco from Harwich, Sara Thacher from Dennis, Arlene Williamson of Mashpee, Debbie McCullough of Truro, Femke Rosenbaum from Wellfleet, Doug Long of Orleans, Margaret Rice Moir from Brewster and three others, Janet Azarovitz, Joyce Johnson and Bill Maurer, all from Falmouth.

If some of those names sound familiar, it may be because they have been arrested before, for trespassing at the same location in May 2012.

Turco, Thacher, Azarovitz and Maurer were all members of the “Pilgrim 14,” whose cases dismissed in March.

Several other members of the original “14” were arrested the same day that those 2012 charges were dismissed, when they went straight from the courtroom to Pilgrim’s gates, then sauntered deep onto the Entergy property and were arrested again.

None of those other individuals crossed onto Entergy property Sunday, realizing perhaps that they may not have been released on their own recognizance this time around, and could have ended up spending 30 days behind bars.

So, why are Cape Cod residents leading the fight against a Plymouth-based nuclear power plant, at least in terms of offering themselves up in protest?

There were other communities and several long-standing critics of the plant represented at Sunday’s protest, including the Pilgrim Coalition, of which the Cape Downwinders organization is a member.

But on the Cape growing dissatisfaction with the lack of an acceptable evacuation plan – residents would be told to “shelter in place” in case of a radiation release from the plant – has fueled their antipathy toward the plant and its owner, Louisiana-based Entergy Corp.

On the Cape there is also an effort underway to have every one of its communities pass a non-binding resolution calling for the plant’s shutdown.

By Tuesday, all 15 Cape Cod towns had passed a referendum based on the following statement.

“We the people of ____ respectfully request Gov. Deval Patrick to call upon the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to uphold its mandate to shut the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth because the public safety, particularly of Cape Cod residents and visitors, cannot be assured.”

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