Pilgrim NPS: Summary

Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station is a 690MW GE Mark I boiling water reactor – like those at Fukushima Dai-ichi – located on Cape Cod Bay in historic Plymouth, MA; its operating license expires June 8, 2012. Many of the links at left provide information specific to Pilgrim.

Video of Duxbury Nuclear Forum, ‘Can Fukushima Happen Here?‘, June 15, 2011:

Nuclear expert panel

David Lochbaum: Director, Nuclear Safety Project, Union of Concerned Scientists; formerly NRC; 17 years of nuclear reactor operations experience; consultant; one of the nation’s top independent experts on nuclear power; widely published and frequently invited to testify before Congress.

Dr. Gordon Thompson: Director, Institute for Resource and Security Studies; nationally/internationally respected expert on spent fuel pool issues; currently an expert witness for the Massachusetts Attorney General on Pilgrim’s spent fuel pool; extensive list of clients and publications. Research Professor, George Perkins Marsh Institute, Clark University

Arnold Gundersen: Chief Engineer, Fairewinds Associates; 39 years of nuclear power engineering experience; former nuclear industry senior vice president and licensed reactor operator; appointed first Chair by the Legislature of the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant Oversight Panel; expert witness numerous licensing cases, including Pilgrim on leaks, buried pipes/tanks, and the unfiltered vent system.

Paul Blanch: Electrical engineer with 45 years of nuclear power experience; formerly Navy submarine reactor operator and instructor; named “nuclear engineer of the year”; currently an expert witness in Pilgrim’s, Seabrook’s and Indian Point’s License renewal proceedings.

Entergy Representative: declined to participate

Fire Chief Kevin Nord, the Duxbury Emergency Management Director, fielded questions regarding emergency planning
The following day David Lochbaum and Arnie Gunderson gave a presentation at the Boston Public Library. Watch the video: Why Fukushima Can Happen Here: What the NRC and Nuclear Industry Dont Want You to Know