Pilgrim Watch petitions NRC to close Pilgrim until it’s fixed

Pilgrim Watch has filed another 2.206 petition with the NRC regarding recent NRC orders which require operators of U.S. reactors with GE Mark 1 and Mark 2 “containments” to apply certain fixes to the system which vents the “containment”. I put “containment” in quotes because it has been known since 1972 (at least) that these structures cannot contain a severe accident, even though that is the purpose of the containment structure.

Instructions to sign-on to this petition.

The essence of this petition is that the orders themselves clearly state that public safety cannot be assured, and that is the reason that the orders are “immediately effective”. Yet the orders merely require operators to comply within six years (eight years since Fukushima proved that the containments cannot contain). The petition therefore requests that Pilgrim be closed immediately so that fixes to assure public safety can be installed. Further it requests that filters be installed since the vents will release steam laden with radioactive material. Such filters are not required by the NRC orders.

From the Pilgrim Watch petition:

The NRC’s own statement in these orders lead to only one conclusion: public safety, health and property are not protected today. The NRC cannot pretend to satisfy its AEA obligation to protect the public health and safety now by allowing Pilgrim, and logically by extension reactors of like design, to operate – for at least six years – until provisions, revised by these new orders might finally be fully implemented.
And making the order “immediately effective” is meaningless when the order does not require anything to be done for many years.

2.206 petitions are an NRC mechanism to give the illusion that citizens can have input to NRC rulemaking. Judge Rosenthal of the NRC’s Atomic Safety Licensing Board has stated that, with one possible exception, the NRC had not granted a section 2.206 petitioner the substantive relief it sought for at least 37 years.

Under the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, the NRC is obligated to order reactors to cease operations until identified problems are “fixed.”

Citizens may sign-on to Pilgrim Watch’s 2.206 Petition to Immediately Suspend the Operating License of Pilgrim Station Until the Provisions of EA- 12-050 And EA-13-109 Are Fully Implemented and Vents Augmented With Filters and Rupture Discs by sending email to Mr. Bill Borchardt, Executive Director for Operations at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Bill.Borchardt@nrc.gov

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