Power play at Pilgrim? – Barnstable Patriot 02/21/2013


Power play at Pilgrim? Barnstable Patriot – Power Play at Pilgrim – Feb 21, 201
Written by Patriot Staff
 The Pilgrim Coalition is charging that Entergy Corp. is building a nuclear waste storage facility in a coastal flood zone at its Pilgrim station in Plymouth.The company has been storing spent fuel rods at the plant for four decades, pending opening of a national depository for the highly radioactive material. Entergy has said it plans to temporarily house spent fuel in casks at the plant until then.

The Coalition is calling for public involvement in the process, saying that critical issues such as storm and flooding damage are being ignored.

“Pilgrim was originally licensed 40 years ago to be an operating nuclear power plant,” state Sen. Dan Wolf said in an e-mail statement. “That was the initial agreement. Despite many local objections, including mine, it was recently re-licensed for another 20 years to continue producing power. That was the revised agreement. At no time was there ever an agreement with the public, especially the affected neighboring communities, to turn this site into a nuclear waste dump. That’s not fair, that’s not right, and that shouldn’t be.”

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