Public Safety must prevail over utility workers’ jobs

September 13, 2013

I write in reference to Daniel Hurley’s Sept. 6 My View, “Calling for Pilgrim shutdown an overreaction.”

Mr. Hurley’s letter is more in support of jobs for the people working there than for the safety of people, both the people working there and the people who live in the area. The complaints of those of us who want to see the plant closed were never addressed in his letter.

We are concerned about the lack of a plan for the people who are on the Cape. When we see pictures of the areas around Chernobyl and Fukushima we are horrified that our beloved home, Cape Cod, could become a no man’s land, uninhabitable for generations to come — not to mention the potential illnesses we would be exposed to and the loss of all our property.

Mr. Hurley never mentioned the radioactive waste kept on site in Plymouth, making it a radioactive waste dump with dangerous possibilities. Neither did he mention the age of the Plymouth plant nor the number of incidents at the plant, 16 since January of this year.

I agree that the utility workers need jobs, but jobs that do not put themselves, others and our environment at risk.

Elaine Dickinson

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