Sen. Wolf testifies at trial of anti-nuclear activists

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By Christine Legere
October 21, 2014

PLYMOUTH — The trial of the four anti-nuclear activists, charged with trespassing on the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station property on Mother’s Day, continued Monday with Plymouth District Court Judge James Sullivan listening to testimony from state Sen. Daniel Wolf, D-Harwich, and Dr. Richard Clapp, former director of the Massachusetts Cancer Registry.

“Dan spoke about the dangers of the aging reactor and lack of oversight by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and legislative avenues,” said Diane Turco, one of the defendants and the founder of the Cape Downwinders citizens group.

“Clapp discussed cancer rates around the plant,” Turco said. Those rates are considerably higher for some forms of cancer than state averages, she said.

Defendants Mary Conahan and Susan Carpenter also testified. Fourth defendant Sarah Thacher testified on Friday, the opening day of the trial.

Court action will continue Wednesday with testimony from Dr. Helen Caldicott, an international expert on the medical and environmental dangers of nuclear power.

Sullivan had barred Caldicott from testifying on Friday, but said he would reconsider if other testimony made her comments relevant. He decided Monday to allow the doctor’s testimony.

Turco, who is defending herself, will be the final witness. The three other defendants are being represented by attorney Bruce Taub.

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2 Responses to Sen. Wolf testifies at trial of anti-nuclear activists

  1. Rod McCoy says:

    It’s so welcome to see a judge who is willing to change his p.o.v. and work with defendants in these issues. Often, we are facing cold stone walls. But most of us we know will keep resisting, at whatever level, regardless of official support or malice. Congrats on the work at Pilgrim…Thank You from the CSRA ( home of Savannah River Site, plant Votgle and Fort Gordon ).

  2. Sally G says:

    Agreed, Rod—a judge doing his job well—more like him will stand this country in good stead.
    Best wishes to these defendants et al. from us in N.J./N.Y. working to shut down Indian Point.