Sign Beyond Nuclear’s petition to keep CNN honest!

The pro-nuclear documentary, Pandora’s Promise, will air on CNN in November. This film is a blatant piece of propaganda. No effort was made by the filmmakers to seek out or feature independent experts with sound, unconflicted insights into the issues covered. There are blatant misstatements and serious factual omissions in this film tailored to its promotional message that will mislead CNN’s viewers.

Please sign this petition to CNN asking for a live discussion after Pandora’s Promise airs to debunk the myths in this film.

We will be recommending that CNN features a panel of serious scientists, medical practitioners and nuclear power experts who can set the record straight with facts not rhetoric.

Please click here to go to the petition which will be submitted to CNN’s Programming Department and to CNN Films who purchased the film.

And see the Pandora’s False Promises section on the Beyond Nuclear website where we bust to pro-nuclear myths in this film and elsewhere.

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