Task force: Cape Cod nuclear accident strategy lacking

Truro Police Chief Kyle Takakjian said Monday that Cape residents and their public safety leaders are “woefully and inadequately prepared” should there be a radioactive release at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, whether residents decide to stay in their homes or area emergency centers or make a break for the bridges.

As Charles Noyes, Bourne’s emergency management coordinator, put it, “there’s nothing in place for Cape Cod.”

“We’ve never been a part of the planning process,” Noyes said during a meeting of the Barnstable County Regional Emergency Planning Committee’s task force on Pilgrim.

Although the Cape has a traffic plan to use in weather emergencies, it does not have a plan related to a nuclear incident.

Planning committee members discussed results of a recent phone survey of Cape residents, conducted by KLD Engineering, a New York-based firm that specializes in traffic patterns and evacuation planning.

The survey, paid for by Entergy Corp., owner and operator of the 41-year-old power plant, revealed most Cape residents had no idea whether their communities fell within the emergency planning zone — a 10-mile radius around the Plymouth plant considered at highest risk in a nuclear incident.

Getting residents who live in the emergency planning zone to safety would be the priority after a radioactive release. None of the Cape is in that priority zone.

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