Trial Date Set for Pilgrim 14 March 18, 2013

PILGRIM 14 ACTIVISTS closer to trial
Slate of safety and government experts plan to testify at March trial
Trial Date: March 18, 2013
Time: 9:00 am
Place: Plymouth District Court
52 Obery Street
Plymouth, MA 0236

Plymouth Ma.- Fourteen antinuclear activists were arrested when they attempted to deliver a letter on May 20, 2012 to Entergy Corporation regarding the clear and present dangers posed by its forty year old Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station (PNPS) that contains the identical reactor that failed in Fukushima, Japan on March 11, 2011. The arrested activists and their supporters are concerned with the risks PNPS poses to public health, public safety and environmental protection as well as the potentially billions of dollars in damages and loses to the economy of Southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod.

Trial is scheduled to begin with jury empanelment on March 18, 2013. The Defendants intend to use the “competing harms” or “necessity” defense, while the prosecution argues that the acknowledged intention of the Pilgrim 14 is putting “Entergy on trial” and does not satisfy the legal requirements to advance a “necessity” defense. District Court Judge Kathryn Hand will decide whether further pretrial hearings scheduled for March 13th and 14th are necessary, or whether to proceed to trial.

Expected expert witnesses for the defense include Pulitzer Prize winning author Christopher Hedges, and Dr. Helen Caldicott, renowned physician and scholar, who will describe the health dangers of this nuclear facility. It is also possible that high government officials will also be subpoenaed to testify.

This story goes beyond the trial, including proposed legislation to create better safeguards by Massachusetts state Senator Dan Wolf and state Representatives Sarah Peake and James Cantwell. United States Representative Ed Markey and Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley have also voiced safety concerns about Pilgrim.

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