Tritium discovered in new Pilgrim monitoring well

The nuclear industry has trouble preventing tritium releases. This AP article shows that tritium has leaked from at least 48 of the 65 commercial nuclear reactor sites in the U.S., in concentrations exceeding the federal drinking water standard at at least 37 sites. A leak in Alabama contained 2 million picocuries of tritium per liter, and the Braidwood reactor in Minnesota leaked at least 6 million gallons of tritium contaminated water.

It’s always important to distinguish between irradiation and contamination. If you are near tritium-contaminated water, you get irradiated. If the water is ON your skin the beta particles cannot penetrate because they have little penetrative force. However, because tritium atoms are part of the water molecules, and because water is absorbed through the skin, contact with tritium-laced water means you will be internally contaminated – radioactive tritium atoms will get inside your body where they will become part of your cells. Once that happens they will cause damage to adjacent cells and DNA for the rest of your life (the 12 year half-life means that after 24 years 1/4 of the tritium will still be present. Of course you can also become internally contaminated by drinking tritium water or by inhaling it’s vapor.

The industry has rose-colored glasses when viewing the risk its pollutants poses to others.

Tritium discovered in new Pilgrim monitoring well

Wicked Local Plymouth
Posted Jan 17, 2014

Plymouth – Entergy has submitted an Event Notification to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) informing them that radioactive tritium has been discovered in a newly installed groundwater monitoring well at the Pilgrim nuclear power plant.

A sample taken from the well on Dec. 30 indicated a tritium concentration of 69,000 picocuries per liter, which dropped to 20,000 on Jan. 6 and 14,300 on Jan. 9.

The EPA limit for tritium in groundwater used for drinking purposes is 20,000 picocuries per liter.

In 1991 the EPA calculated it would take a year-long ingestion of water containing 60,900 picocuries per liter of tritium to yield a radiation exposure dose of 4 millirems, a fraction of the approximately 620 millirems of radiation exposure that Americans receive each year from natural and manmade sources.

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