What to Expect at the Courthouse

The trial of the Four Grandmothers begins 9 AM, October 17th, at the Plymouth District Court, 52 Obery St. Plymouth, MA.

What to Expect and What to Bring
We hope to overflow the courtroom on all days of the trial. The courtroom only holds 60-100 people, so everyone who doesn’t fit inside will stand outside the courthouse, bearing witness and joining in song. This is serious business, and we are going to act seriously; please dress in your Sunday best.SupportYourMother

Everyone inside the courtroom should expect to sit quietly and attentively for many hours; court officials will ask you to leave if you are reading, sleeping, using a cellphone, or disrupting the proceedings, though you can leave and reenter the courtroom throughout the day if you desire. Water bottles are not allowed inside the courthouse, but we’ll have a car outside to hold these and other belongings that aren’t allowed inside. Everyone who enters the courthouse will have to pass through a security checkpoint and metal detector, which can take some time; treat this checkpoint the same as you would an airport security checkpoint.

Everyone outside the courtroom should know that a Massachusetts law (Chapter 268, Section 13A) expressly prohibits parading and picketing outside of courthouses. No signs, banners, handouts, or chanting will be allowed inside or outside the courthouse.

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