Who Supports Stockpiling KI For The Public?

Cape Downwinders Cooperative KI Index

Leading Professional Organizations, including

  • World Health Organization
  • American Thyroid Association
  • Physicians for Social Responsibility
  • Union of Concerned Scientists
  • International Agency Atomic Scientists
  • National Council on Radiation Protection
  • Massachusetts Medical Society
  • Federation of American Physics

The Massachusetts Coalition to Stockpile KI

Federal/State Agencies and Nations Around the World, including

  • US Food and Drug Administration
  • US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • Alabama, Arizona, Maine, Tennessee

Countries which stockpile KI
The United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, South Africa, Poland, Armenia, Switzerland, France, Czech Republic, the former Soviet Union, and others

Physicians from Leading Teaching Hospitals, including

  • Dr. Richard Clapp, former Director Massachusetts Cancer Registry, John Snow Research and Training Center, B.U. School of Public Health
  • Dr. David Rush, Tufts University, Professor Emeritus Pediatrics, President Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility
  • Dr. Ted Schettler, Boston Medical Center, Department Internal Medicine, author Generations at Risk, 1999
  • Dr. Lowell Schnipper, Beth Israel Deaconess, Chief of Oncology

Cape Downwinders Cooperative KI Index

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